“The best trend is one that nurtures the woman’s individuality”

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A famous Rijeka makeup artist admitted: “The best trend is one that nurtures a woman’s individuality”

Romana Poropat, snimio Silvano Ježina
Romana Poropat, shot by Silvano Ježina
Author: Sandy Uran
Source: Novi list

This spring pastel tones will be applied to the eyes whilst a red lipstick is still popular and welcomed, reveals the popular Rijeka makeup artist

While waiting for the spring, the thoughts of many women are busy with new fashion trends so those about make up too. Women who do not like makeup are rare, and every woman has at least the basic cosmetic products – mascara and blush.

With regards to the novelties and trends in makeup for the upcoming spring we talked with successful Rijeka makeup artist, Romana Poropat.
– The best trend is one that nurtures a woman’s individuality. What suits a person best, is what she she feels best with and is the best for her. That’s what I am talking about at my Makeup School. Generally speaking, I would say that pastel coloured eye shadows are desirable whilst red lipstick is still popular and loved by everyone. Now it’s a coral red colour trend but take care that the tone matches your skin tone or you should just dare and try red lipstick, choose the right shade of lipstick for yourself and the result will be surprising. Today is the time to wear everything you choose, says Poropat and continues:

– Some women love matte lipstick but I like to put on gloss because it makes lips look more beautiful and elegant. There are a number of makeup rules but sometimes it is good to “skip over” them. It is always good to accentuate either your eyes or your lips. If lips are coloured red then your eyes should be be made up in softer tones. Women often make mistakes by only putting red lipstick onto their lips. But their eyes should be made up too with a lighter eyeshadow and a thin line of eyeliner. Then mascara, some blush and that’s it. Blush can be combined with eyeshadow which then creates a uniform composition. But you should take care to mix it in the right way.

Right now, highlighted eyebrows are in trend so we were interested in what was forecast for the upcoming period.
– In trend are so the called Instagram-eyebrows. Those familiar with my work know that I like to highlight the beauty of a woman’s face and that I approach each person individually. Eyebrows should be pointed out, but should also comply with the entire face, beautifying it and looking as natural as possible. When applying a red lipstick to the lips, it is important to highlight the eyebrows, but hair colour and skin tone should be kept in mind so as to avoid them being over-highlighted. In the case of excessively accented eyebrows  the face takes on a sharper look, Poropat says.

Once one of the unwritten rules was that nail lacquer should be aligned with the lip makeup. Is this still the case?  Poropat is about to tell us.
– Once it was important that your lipstick colour matched the colour of your nail lacquer, your shoes with your handbag… But, today there are no such rules i.e. the rules can be broken. I personally find it more flattering when there are some contrasts, the famous Rijeka makeup artist said at the end of the conversation.

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