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2people1life – for the 60th time married in Croatia

I was part of an interesting project brought to Croatia by the BTW studio. It was about a young couple in love who could not decide on the destination of their wedding so they decided to travel and test each single destination. What they hadn’t thought was that this would arouse the interest of people from different countries which will be followed by invitations from all over the world. Croatia found itself among other countries like Scotland, Lisbon, Brazil, Argentina, Chile and many other interesting countries.   So, the 60th wedding took place in Croatia.

I was invited to that wedding together with Ivana Bloom who was in charge of hairdressing. The location was the first thing to leave me breathless. The Maltempo lighthouse on the island of Krk that exudes calmness. The nature and sea looked almost unreal. As one of my dear acquaintances says “it is not about the place, but about the people” so everyone I met there was really wonderful. That beautiful feeling of knowing everyone for ever even though you are only seeing them for the first time.

Newlyweds Lisa and Alex,  What more can I say about them other than that they are beautiful young people They show just how much they enjoy every moment of their travelling, so relaxed and happy while soaking up the new experiences that each country brings them.   Alex enthusiastically came over time and again with a new glass, trying to pronounce medica (honey brandy) or biska (mistletoe brandy) or borovička (blueberry brandy) properly. When I asked Lisa if she had any wishes regarding makeup, she just said nonchalantly that she was convinced that I knew what she wanted better than she did. There is no better start than when someone is left in your hands with full confidence.

Lisa has a velvety complexion and a face on which make up can be applied in a number of different ways. I decided to put a natural, although a little more intense make up for the needs of shooting.


After I applied a base that consisted of liquid and transparent foundation I started by drawing on eyebrows in the same tone as Lisa’s hair. After that I used eye shadow in earth tones of brown and olive green whilst the upper part of the eyes I bordered with the black eyeliner over which I applied a thin layer of glitter. I also underlined the outer half under the eye by using a dark brown eye shadow. And at the end, of course, I used the must-have mascara on both the upper and the lower eyelashes.  Using a copper coloured blush I accentuated Lisa’s cheeks and in a similar but just a slightly more intensive tone her lips.


Take a look at how it turned out.


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