Why professional bridal makeup?

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What should you know when deciding on your bridal makeup

Given that a wedding is an occasion in which every woman wants to shine like never before in her life, I shall give you some advice below in the same way I give it to the  brides when we decide on their bridal makeup.

If you are in doubt about how to do your make up for your wedding, the answer is: it is important that your bridal makeup be carried out by a professional. Professional makeup guarantees a quality that will be particularly visible on your official wedding photos and that will remain as a lifelong memory of your life. I also recommend professional makeup because when done properly, such makeup stays firm until morning, until you greet your last guest. Some brides admit that because of tiredness they didn’t even remove their makeup after the wedding and the next day realised that it was still there and beautiful. (Do not get me wrong, I do not recommend sleeping with makeup, but it’s nice to hear that wedding makeup survives until the following day).

Another important thing is to share your vision of bridal makeup with your makeup artist. If you have any idea of how you would like your bridal makeup to look like, tell her…or even better, find some photos that will show her what you have in mind. Sometimes the bride has an idea “in her head” about her preferences and expectations but in the end she doesn’t get what she is looking for because she didn’t communicate her idea to her makeup artist. Thoughts and ideas are there to be discussed – here’s another tip – tell your makeup artist exactly what you want so she is able to fulfil your wishes.   Also, show her any pictures you might have as there is a possibility that the vision your makeup artist gets when you describe it is not quite the same as the one in your head. One or more photos will remove all doubts.  The advantage of a photo is that makeup patterns that may not suit your face can be avoided so your makeup artist is certain to propose something better which, at the same time, will be more of what you were looking for.


It is important to say that what you see is not what the photo will show. Photos “eats” a lot of makeup so, if you feel that your makeup is just fine, on photos it will usually look pale, anaemic and inexplicable.   So I recommend that bridal makeup be more highlighted as well as the foundation. It has to be somehow more intense than you are usually used to as if foundation is done well and strongly it will be in command and allow the makeup last until the following morning. I do not support, so to speak, a mask on the bride’s face, especially nowadays when foundation is more decent but yes, foundation in this case should be more intense than usual.

I have to admit that in the beginning I was against trial make up in the beauty salon because I didn’t think it was necessary, although it was useful for my clients and me to get to know each other, and gain mutual trust and agree on details. I noticed that brides who came for a trial makeup were more serene on their actual wedding day. Trial makeup is never exactly the same as it is on your wedding day mostly because you do not have your wedding hairstyle and dress, and you are also not in the same mood but it is enough to help us agree on how it will look, determine the right tone and get an insight into the work of your chosen makeup artist. During the trial makeup session, a sketch of the makeup is made as well as the basic  guidelines. All colours are chosen to match the bride’s personality and her wishes as well as the final details of the wedding as a whole.

It is always good to refresh your face and prepare it before your bridal makeup for a better final makeup. For this purpose I would recommend you have a facial treatment. It is particularly important if you have problematic skin which will benefit from a facial cleansing. Your face is like a painting canvas – the better it is prepared the better the bridal makeup will look.

One of the basic things during preparation for makeup is undoubtedly proper eyebrow correction. It is much better if the correction is done a few days before the wedding so as to avoid irritating your  eyes on your actual wedding day. Furthermore,  correction on the cosmetic table in the beauty salon is done in a more detailed and better way than when it is carried out sitting on a makeup chair.

And, of course, the most important guideline should be your personal feeling of well being that what you get is what you wanted and with which  you will feel your absolute best because only then can you really look amazing. These are just a few guidelines and  explanations.

Good luck!




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