Romana Poropat, makeup artist

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Welcome to my website where I will be happy to share with you my experiences and advices on makeup and cosmetics and through which you can easily contact me and ask for services.

I am delighted to have been a makeup artist for more than 15 years. Over the years I have been building my experience in theatre and in films, in the video industry, through photography but also through special occasions such as weddings, graduation parties and daily and business opportunities.

I acquired my first makeup knowledge by attending various courses but particularly during my  work with a famous Rijeka makeup artist, Ines Vrdoljak.

After that I continued to learn in Stagecolor at Rolf Stehrn and then in Karin Van Vliet studio. I mastered my teaching with fantastic experiences with the world-renowned makeup artist Marie Ewe Dziewulski. Working with her I gained valuable experience of working on the film.

Despite this productive path of learning, I did not stop working on myself and shortly after I willingly joined the Croatian National Theatre of Ivan pl. Zajc as a volonteer. Through volunteering I learnt about theatre makeup and finally became their external expert for major projects.

I am always happy to collaborate with numerous photographers such as Rino Gropuzzo, Petar Kurschner, Hoyka… Photography is, in fact, my special and great love because it leaves behind an indelible trace of my work. I really enjoy photography even more than the finest meal to nurture myself while watching good artistic or photographic exhibitions. Throughout the exhibition I feel some special, intimate inspiration for which I started painting as a hobby that is just mine.

Recently, I found my fulfilment with makeup with the Makeup School which I started for all women who truly enjoy “face painting” and  who want to know more about it. Apart from enjoying it myself, my course attendees also gain great enjoyment from it. Together we always discover how many faces every woman “has” without even being aware of it.

Some of my thoughts can be read in an interview I gave to the fashion portal Extravagant.

Makeup really does wonders and I believe we will be able to discover it together on this site day by day.

I am really looking forward to that!


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Check out my works and projects I've had the opportunity to work on, as well as makeup for weddings and all kinds of other occasions, and feel free to let me know for anything you care about.

Professional makeup

Damir Hoyka,

S Romanom sam surađivao na projektu Fotosofia 8 FOTOmodel na kojem se savršeno uklopila u tim. Pokazala je da je odlikuju sve karakteristike koje osobno smatram presudnima za kvalitetnu suradnju – pridržava se zadanih termina, u stanju je uz minimum smjernica realizirati tehnički i kreativno kvalitetan make up, simpatičnog je karaktera ugodnog za rad. Nadam se da ćemo imati prilike ponovno surađivati.

Bernardin Modrić,
filmski i tv redatelj

S Romanom sam surađivao na nekoliko mojih turističkih filmova kada je imala zadatak da lijepe cure učini još ljepšim. Naravno, ona je to odradila gotovo savršeno, pa su neki od tih filmova možda i zbog njenoga doprinosa bili nagrađivani u Hrvatskoj i Europi. Ono što me je kod nje “kupilo” jest njen vrhunski profesionalni odnos prema svome poslu i postavljenim zadacima, a da pri tome gotovo nikada nije nešto zanovijetala ili izvoljevala što se u njenoj branši zna često događati. Naravno, smisao za humor i druželjubivost dodatni su razlog zašto ću je ponovno angažirati za neki novi filmski projekt gdje bi nam trebale njene usluge.