Face treatments

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Facial cleansing
This is part of the basic and unavoidable treatments in a beauty salon. It is necessary for any generation: teenagers struggling with puberty pimples, young and middle-aged women as basic facial hygiene and as an initial treatment in anti-aging treatments.
Price: 270,00 kn

“Comfort zone” treatment

Treatment with AHA and glycolic acid in combination with vitamin C. Ideal for sebum regulation in extremely oily skin, relieving mimic wrinkles and wrinkles caused by photo aging, to refresh the skin, which can also be used  on sensitive facial skin. Restores the brightness and healthy appearance of the skin.
Price: 250 – 300,00 kn

Peel-off mask
Innovative lifting mask, providing a remarkable effect and used instead of collagen masks, refreshing hydrating, toning and providing radiance to facial skin, acting anti-aging.

Price: 250,00 kn

Anti-aging facial massage

A special facial massage technique that, in addition to being extremely relaxing and comfortable, acts to soothe existing wrinkles and give a fresher and tighter complexion to the skin.

Price: 150,00 kn

Facial care
For people who do not need frequent facial cleansing and want to nurture. Their skin  The treatment consists of an appropriate peeling, mask and facial massage. The price varies depending on preparations used.
Price: 280,00

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