Body treatments

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Body peeling

This removes the layer of dead cells allowing the skin to take on a new shine and softness and to better absorb cosmetic products. It can be done as a stand-alone treatment and is especially desirable after the summer or as part of anti-cellulite treatments.

Price: 140,00 Kn

Anti-cellulite massage

A massage that helps to fight cellulite. We treat the area of the hips, abdomen, thighs and buttocks and, if desired, the upper arm. This massage improves circulation, eliminates excess liquid and accelerates lymph circulation which is essential when removing cellulite. It also helps body shaping and cellulite removal. The best result is achieved with a package of 10-15 sessions.
Price: 140,00 kn

Body massage

The benefits of massage are numerous, of both a psychological and physical nature. It stimulates circulation, relaxes muscle tension, relieves pain from certain areas, breaks myogelosis (muscle buildup of lactic acid), and it is very relaxing.
Price: 45min. 170,00 kn

Partial back massage

For most people, a sedentary lifestyle and long periods in unnatural positions lead to pain and tension in the back. Massage resolves tension, working to break down the myogelosis that can cause pain and it  is very relaxing.
Price: 30min. 120,00 kn

Massage with pindas

Pindas – Cotton bags filled with healing herbs. Healed in aromatized oil and applied as such to the body. In addition to a pleasant feeling, particularly in winter months, heat combined with healing herbs is beneficial for muscle relaxation, skin regeneration and circulation improvement. Once finished with pindas, the beautician will start the massage with hands.
Price: whole body: 1h 260,00 kn 

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