Bridal & Makeup for Special Occasions

Bridal & Makeup for Special Occasions is a special category of professional makeup which should be approached with particular care.


Bridal Makeup

Your wedding day is one of the most important days in your life in which as the bride you must feel amazing with your overall appearance including your makeup. Besides the fact that it must be highly aesthetic, bridal make up must be long-lasting - throughout the day and into the night.

Wedding makeup is no less important on the photographs where the bride's face will be memorised for the rest of her life. She simply has to look perfect and her makeup is what will draw and point out all the potential and the beauty of her female face on that special day. Bridal makeup is something I definitely recommend trying before your big day in the salon to successfully include it within the main note of the wedding day preparations and to arrange the details or try variations in time. Even your relatives and other guests can have a beautiful makeup at the agreed location.


On this important day, indulge yourself at the hands of a professional makeup artist, sure that a professional approach and perfect makeup will make your day even more beautiful!

  • Bridal Makeup Trial Run

    od 33,00 €
    (248,64 kn)
  • Bridal Makeup

    od 46,50 €
    (350,35 kn)
  • False Eyelashes

    10,00 € (75,35 kn)

Special Occasion Makeup

The need for professional makeup and a makeup artist is huge. Ceremonial makeup for a prom - graduates and guests, makeup for guests at weddings, Sacraments of Confirmation, Christenings, diploma ceremonies and many other special occasions. Daily makeup and makeup for business gatherings, meetings, banquets and promotions is also often requested.

  • Daily Makeup

    od 33,00 €
    (248,64 kn)
  • Evening Makeup

    od 33,00 €
    (248,64 kn)
  • False Eyelashes

    10,00 €
    (75,35 kn)

A particular wedding

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