Make up school for personal needs

I decided to launch make up workshops in order to teach every woman how to make up her own face properly, to point out the best points on her face and what best suits her or to just change her style, routine and give her a new look. But mine are not ordinary workshops. They are strictly individualised and structured in way that each participant draws out her personal maximum.

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Every woman who is not a professional makeup artist has certainly asked herself one of the following questions at least once: How should I choose the right shade of foundation? Which colours suit me the best? How can I make smoky eyes? And a line with eyeliner – I can’t do that by myself, how can I do it? I saw that TV presenter, she is always so beautifully made up, I'd like to have something similar...and many other such questions. I myself have regularly received these questions from my clients so I realised that an individual approach to make up is in fact the key to proper makeup.

Dojmovi polaznica škole šminkanja

After an excellent introductory lecture at the First Makeup School, I can say that am overwhelmed by the content of the lectures. There is a pleasant ambience in the salon and I can definitely say I have learned dozens of useful tips both for me and for our group. I’ve learned which are my colours and how to use them to highlight my advantages, I now know how to how to alleviate deficiencies and how to transform my morning face with engraved pillow lines in less time that I could have imagined into something adequate to leave the house with? Makeup for going out has become a pleasure, I've become braver in combining and have continued to practice eye shadowing. Last but no less important – I have cleaned my cosmetic bag and eliminated the trial and error method. I finally know what I will not put on my face! I warmly recommend it!

Jadranka Dragičević

I am very pleased to have attended the Makeup School. I have learned many useful things about makeup techniques in the lecture, and what I like most about it is the individual approach.

The makeup artist organises courses in small groups, so that she is able to help every woman find the most suitable day and evening makeup (from shaping eyebrows, facial shadings, selecting the appropriate shades of foundation, eye shade colours, blushes and lipstick) and recommend her newly found skills to others

That way, every woman can find the best look for herself whilst saving time and money spent on buying unnecessary cosmetic products that do not suit her face and which in the end just take up space in her cosmetic bag.

Sandra Dundović

At the workshops we learn how to look well turned out on every occasion inherent to each participant’s individual lifestyle. For this reason, our workshops are organised for a small number of women enabling them to encounter what makeup can provide them in detail. Since every woman is different and every woman suits something that is “only her”.

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  • Lecturer

    Romana Poropat, makeup artist
  • Duration

    Workshop duration is 4 hours
  • Number of participants

    Individual workshop or for a group of attendees (max. 4 people)

Program of Makeup Schools

  • Cosmetic bag analysis
  • Choosing a suitable primer for your face
  • Correct eyebrows shaping
  • Facial Care Basics
  • Proper eye make-up (measurement, correction, shading techniques, eyeliner application)
  • Lips makeup and the correction of lip form
  • Proportions and face shapes
  • How to properly apply blusher depending on the shape of your face
  • The intensity of makeup depending on the business for which it is required, the needs of the day or the evening

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For all information and registration for the makeup workshop do not hesitate to contact me through online form or by phone at 091520 60 85.